Javet — Patch V8 Function at Source Code Level

Why is That Important?

const a = function () {
const b = 1;
return () => b;
const x = a();
// Output is: 1


def setSourceCode(sourceCode):
existingSourceCode = v8Function.getSourceCode()
(startPosition, endPosition) = v8Function.getPosition()
newSourceCode = existingSourceCode[:startPosition] + sourceCode + existingSourceCode[endPosition:]
v8Function.setPosition(startPosition, startPosition + len(sourceCode))
Memory Layout of V8 Function
originalSourceCode = v8ValueFunction.getSourceCode()
originalSourceCode = v8ValueFunction.getSourceCode()
if (v8ValueFunction.getJSScopeType().isClass()) {
try {
// Now v8ValueFunction.getJSScopeType().isFunction() is true
} catch (JavetException e) {
v8ValueFunction.setSourceCode(sourceCode) // true
Lifecycle of V8 Function

What is the Source Code of a Function in V8?

function abc(a, b, c) { ... } // Source code is (a, b, c) { ... }

(a, b, c) => { ... } // Source code is (a, b, c) => { ... }




Amateur programmer

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Sam Cao

Sam Cao

Amateur programmer

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