Javet — Java and JavaScript Interop

Inject a Static Class

v8Runtime.getGlobalObject().set("System", System.class);
v8Runtime.getExecutor("function main() {\n" +
// Java reference can be directly called in JavaScript.
" System.out.println('Hello from Java');\n" +
// Java reference can be directly assigned to JavaScript variable.
" const println = System.out.println;\n" +
// Java reference can be directly assigned to JavaScript variable.
" println('Hello from JavaScript');\n" +
"}\n" +
* Output:
* Hello from Java
* Hello from JavaScript

Inject an Enum

v8Runtime.getGlobalObject().set("Color", Color.class);
System.out.println("The enum in JavaScript is the one in Java: " +
(Color.pink == (Color) v8Runtime.getExecutor("Color.pink;").executeObject()));
* Output:
* java.awt.Color[r=255,g=175,b=175]
* The enum in JavaScript is the one in Java: true

Inject a Pattern

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("^\\d+$");
v8Runtime.getExecutor("function main(pattern) {\n" +
" return [\n" +
" pattern.matcher('123').matches(),\n" +
" pattern.matcher('abc').matches(),\n" +
" ];\n" +
System.out.println(v8Runtime.getGlobalObject().invokeObject("main", pattern).toString());
* Output:
* [true, false]

Inject a StringBuilder

v8Runtime.getGlobalObject().set("StringBuilder", StringBuilder.class);
System.out.println(v8Runtime.getExecutor("function main() {\n" +
" return new StringBuilder('Hello').append(' from StringBuilder').toString();\n" +
"}\n" +
* Output:
* Hello from StringBuilder




Amateur programmer

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Sam Cao

Amateur programmer

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