Javet — An awesome way of embedding Node.js and V8 in Java.

Major Features

  • 🐧Linux + 🖥️Windows
  • Node.js v14.16.1 + V8 v9.0.257
  • Dynamic switch between Node.js and V8
  • Exposure of the majority of V8 API in JVM
  • JS function interception
  • Native BigInt and Date
  • Javet engine pool
  • Easy spring integration
  • Live debug with Chrome DevTools

Quick Start




Gradle Kotlin DSL


Gradle Groovy DSL

implementation 'com.caoccao.javet:javet:0.8.7'

Hello Javet

// Node.js Mode
try (V8Runtime v8Runtime = V8Host.getNodeInstance().createV8Runtime()) {
System.out.println(v8Runtime.getExecutor("'Hello Javet'").executeString());
// V8 Mode
try (V8Runtime v8Runtime = V8Host.getV8Instance().createV8Runtime()) {
System.out.println(v8Runtime.getExecutor("'Hello Javet'").executeString());




Amateur programmer

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Sam Cao

Sam Cao

Amateur programmer

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